Suresmile Braces

Reinventing braces for orthodontists, suresmile utilises 3-D imaging and treatment planning to create robotically bent wires customised specifically to fit the arch of your mouth. This ensures not only straighter teeth in ­– what studies have shown – 30% less time than braces, Invisalign or Invisible Braces, but it also achieves a better-quality finish because it is customised to deliver the optimal shape and results specific to you.

It is a tool that is being called “the most powerful Treatment Management System” in orthodontics because it has eliminated the need for patients to come in for regular ‘tightening’ appointments. Tightening is what it is referred to when a patient receives manual adjustments to their braces, which is usually delivered over many appointments across the duration of having .

Why choose suresmile:

  • Advanced smile design;
  • Unparalleled accuracy delivered by robotically bent wires;
  • The ability to create multiple case simulations;
  • More intuitive and easy-to-understand;
  • More precise and effective results; and
  • Fewer wire adjustments, which means less pain and an easier smile!

One of the major benefits to choosing suresmile is that it allows your orthodontist the ability to visually design the optimal position specific to you, and then calculating the customisation needed to deliver that plan and translate it into the robotically created arch wires.

The precision of a robotically crafted arch wire inserted into your brackets means that every tooth moves precisely into the planned prescribed position. Your teeth move faster, and all the corrections are made in one go, so they move in a direct path that is much more effective, and until suresmile was never possible. The final results are met with less adjustments and corrections, thus less time.

If you are looking for a less painful, more effective, easy-to-understand and precision braces treatment then contact Invisible Lingual Braces located in Tweed Heads near the Gold Coast. Dr Wong, an award-winning orthodontist with over two decades of experience using all types of orthodontics, will happily discuss with you the application of suresmile and how it will best suit you. Dr Wong is dedicated to helping each of his patients find the best form of treatment, to suit each individual and deliver extraordinary results, and he is an advocate for suresmile for exactly this reason. It may just be the transformation you’ve been looking for, to the smile you’ve always wanted!