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Invisible Lingual Braces have the optimum orthodontic solutions available, to help you achieve a beautiful and healthy smile. Our four types of orthodontic services are lingual braces, traditional braces, clear aligners and suresmile™ Braces. During your first consultation, your orthodontist will be able to determine which one of these options will best suit your needs.

We’re Famous on the Gold Coast for Our Lingual Braces

Lingual braces can be a great alternative to traditional braces. What’s better, is when you get lingual braces from Invisible Lingual Braces on the Gold Coast, you are also getting an experienced orthodontist! Dr Wong has been working with lingual braces for decades, and is passionate about helping you create a beautiful healthy smile!

Lingual braces are placed on the back side of your teeth, so the fact that you have braces can be your little secret! They have the same effect as traditional braces and the treatment usually only lasts around 12 months.

Perhaps Clear Aligners Are More Your Style?

Another great alternative to traditional braces are clear aligners. Clear aligners gradually push your teeth back together, removing any gaps. Clear aligners should be worn around 20 hours a day. Every 14 to 21 days you receive a new clear aligner, as your teeth continue move. If you have a special occasion coming up, clear aligners are great, because they can be removed by the patient during treatment! Clear aligners aren’t suitable for everyone, but your orthodontist can determine that for you.

Traditional Braces Are Back on Trend

Whilst traditional braces are the least discreet option, they are the most budget conscious option. If you don’t mind people knowing you have braces, traditional braces are an excellent choice!  When you’re experiencing bite issues or crooked or crowded teeth, traditional braces can help set everything straight.  You can choose your own colours, from bright to transparent, or even get ceramic braces that include clear brackets.

 suresmile™ Braces are Sure to Put a Smile on Your Face

With suresmile™ Braces you’ll need fewer adjustment or wire changes appointments, and you’ll see results faster. This is because the wire used with suresmile™ Braces is robotically created, and this allows for exceptional accuracy.

For more information, organise a consultation! Your orthodontist Dr Wong can find the right treatment for your needs!