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The First Lingual Braces Were Developed by Beverly Hills Orthodontists, Dr Craven Kurz

Lingual braces were developed by Dr Craven Kurz, a Beverly Hills orthodontist, in 1976 after one of his celebrity patients requested an alternative to traditional braces. In the beginning there were several issues with the new type of brackets.

These issues included things like irritation, speech problems and broken brackets. Dr Kurz continued his research, and worked alongside a reputable dental company, that helped him develop a smoother bracket. With the irritation problem sorted, it wasn’t long before this new, discreet alternative became popular.

By 1986 Dr Kurz’s lingual braces had become so popular, that he was granted the opportunity to form his own association. He named this association The American Lingual Orthodontic Association. He used this platform to promote lingual braces even further through publications and lectures.

With their customisable nature and their subtle aesthetic lingual braces have become the preferred choice for many orthodontic patients. Dr Wong had even began working with lingual braces, offering them to his patients in 1987. Over the last forty years they have been a favourite alternative for celebrities, presenters and every day people who are looking for a more discrete alternative to traditional braces.

Dr Francis Wong Made Lingual Braces Affordable for His Gold Coast Patients

In the 80’s, 90’s and even early 2000’s the cost of the lingual braces were quite a bit higher than the cost of traditional braces. Dr Wong, of Invisible Lingual Braces wanted to change this. He hoped that he could make lingual braces affordable for everyone.

When Dr Wong opened his Tweed Head’s practice in 2008, he offered lingual braces to his patients. He received excellent feedback, and in 2010 he expanded his practice to another location in Robina. Since then people have flocked to Dr Wong for his experience and affordable orthodontic care.

When it comes to creating the smile you’ve been dreaming about, you can trust Dr Wong, and his team to walk you through the best options for your teeth. Contact us at Invisible Lingual Braces to make an appointment today! With our expert orthodontic care, you will never have to hide your smile again.