FAQ about Clear Aligners

What age groups can benefit from Clear Aligners?

Age is not a factor, however this treatment may prove to be somewhat challenging as the aligners must be removed and cleaned each time the patient eats or drinks, and are ‘optional’.

How long is the treatment?

This can only be determined by the orthodontist, based on the complexity of the problem. It also depends on how long they are worn by the patient each day.

How often will I need to visit the orthodontist during treatment?

This will depend on the orthodontist’s recommendation, usually every 6-8 weeks.

Does it hurt?

Like traditional braces, it may be uncomfortable for the first several days. Over-the-counter pain relief tablets and a soft diet will help through this period.

Is it difficult to clean my teeth with clear aligners?

No, but the aligner must be removed before eating and not put back on until the teeth and aligners are cleaned.

Will my teeth move after the treatment is completed?

You will receive a personal retention plan to help you protect your beautiful smile!

Is Dr Wong experienced in other types of treatment?

Most certainly! Inquire about traditional metal and clear braces, or lingual braces! Dr Wong uses a wide variety of orthodontic appliances to achieve optimum results.

Is it for me?

These appliances are most appropriate for cases of minor tooth corrections. Call to schedule a consultation and detailed analysis of your smile and its future!

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email below, or call to schedule a consultation: 07 5524-8400